Sunday, September 23

Taking A Break !


After almost 3 years striving for my diploma, finally it is my final year now and alhamdulillah i have made this far. There was too much going on since the first semester and I managed to get through it. The closer towards the end, the tougher it gets. the subject, the assignments, the drama, all are tough and when it is put in the same time, imagine how rough it gets.

Now i am currently taking a break and spending my holiday study week at home. Some may say, "you are wasting your time at home, wasting your money too," well let me tell you something, staying home is not a waste of time. I could have a comfortable place to do revision and the facilities are complete, and as for expenses, you don't have to pay for food here at home and the best part it is homemade food! not the cycle menu at the cafeteria. seriously I'm getting bored with the food served but what else to eat than that?

however there is this habit of mine that is hardly resistible.....

how to overcome this? 

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