Monday, April 1

What-to-do-list after Diploma !

Assalamualaikum everyone!

finally I have finished my diploma (25th March 2013)! really? Omg really? believe me! You. Better. Be. Okay to be honest I haven't officially finish it yet. of course  without convocation, it's not even called over yet. pffftt. so i say at least I am eligible to say "Good bye assignments, good bye presentations, good bye tutorial Qs and good bye waking up early-to-go-to-classes!" yes that busy life is over. now its time to something different kind of busy life which we call the work routine!

yes, but before that lets just not get too excited about work and let's focus on what I want to do after diploma. there are so many things i wanna do, so many to talk about. but as you know i am not a good writer so i can see this might end up just like my other posts which are short and simple. Sobs. bad writer I am.

anyways back to the list, I will now jot down all the stuff I wanted to do (and probably have done). so here it goes~!

The man I wanted to see the most in G.I. Joe Retaliation but ended up appearing for just like the first 10-15 minutes *depressed*

I Want To:
  1. Design stickers and sell online.
  2. Bake some healthy energy bars.
  3. Experiment my new dessert recipe.
  4. watch G.I Joe Retaliation (done)
  5. rearrange room furniture (done)
  6. decorate room like Etude House 
  7. eat bibimbap with friends
  8. make more covers on girl group (friggin hard)
  9. learn more long hijab style
  10. save up money for trip to Korea.
  11. find a korean guy and get married (LOL)
  12. Open a cafe one day. (Mhmmm)
  13. Diet ---> 65kg by September (>__<)
  14. read more books on cooking. learn the right techniques.
  15. snap a group photo with Vlads
  16. buy 2 bunnies (done ^^ Toki & Kimchi)
  17. taking korean and french language classes.
  18. convocation
  19. distribute my old clothes to the in need centers
  20. make my parents proud with all my list-to-do :)

As you can see above, I like to do more hands -on things or involving skills. I find it more fun and enjoying rather than thinking too much to please others. I would like to have my own label soon. Either by designing or baking or even my cafe. its just something I dreamed of for so long. InsyaAllah with Allah's will i may open a cafe with my brothers and it will be like a family business. they might be busy with their own work, but I will be the one running it. as usual the youngest brother will be like the marketing manager or just the general manager because he is so good with critiques ><

lol i am thinking too much about the future and not even done anything to do with the recipes yet.

about the korea trip, i really hope it will happen. buya even set the date ady! actually the korean eco organization ady set the meeting date. and all left for me is to collect money to spend there. i just hope I will enjoy everything there despite the cold weather. I even asked my mom to follow me to SM building. tho i hate some of SM traits but SHINee is still under Sm so I just want to stop by. you know, maybe, just maybe I might bump into them? hehehe

later, I will post about Toki and Kimchi. right now I am just tired. Good Bam yeom~! ^^

p/s: i still have my theory exam on the 8th of April. Shhh!

Tuesday, February 19

Ma Dream Boys, SHINee is Back!


As promoted by SM Ent. SHINee will have their comeback on the 19th February which was yesterday. The album itself (Chapter 1 : Misconceptions of You) was described as the continuation from their previous hit track Sherlock (Clue+ Note). Their new concept is black suit and colourful. lots of floral pants i tell ya! its a very bright and up beat song to listen to. just by listening to it make me want to dance. Haha. psst! there will be a Chapter 2 : Misconception of Me, for sure I'll buy that one too! 

Onew is very lucky to be the main cover of Chapter 1 and his song in the next album Chapter 2 :D

each member starts to shine in their own way now. i mean seriously, their clothes doesnt sync at all (except for the black suit ofcourse). Onew have been in green lately. yeah all green. Haha. Key as expected the diva in the group with high fashion sence. the red jacket and green shoes just pinned my eyes. such colour blocking but looks good on him. as for Jjong, his hair and white floral pants is just eye catching. even my mom got surprised! O.O Minho as expected always look good in everything and his tux suits him best! Since I am 92 er, Taemin is considered nam dongsaeng and yes he has grown up well! His yellow long coat is the most contrast among all the costumes. way to go boy!

Onew got some cute pose in the MV. yes he is getting muscular lately but those cute expressions cover it up! Yeayy JINKI OPPA! and keep go green, it goes well with you. thos it makes you look a bit chubby. Hahah (you're tofu-ness never disappear)

p/s : Taemin's yellow coat is actually a figure of a pencil :D

Tuesday, October 23

Livin Like A Boss


Its been 4 days after my last paper which was Food and Bevergae Costing (which i repeat) and now I'm at my home sweet home. Living in Dungun is not that bad but I really like it at home. WHy? Wanna know why? because I can do anything as I pleased. I love to bake and that is one of the best part being at home. After baking / cooking ofcourse we have to eat it right? and that seems to be my main trouble. EATING.

Non-stop munching. tch tch

Yesterday I went through one of the baking recipe books and remembered seeing some apples in the referigerator, i decided to make something with the apples. Apple crumble cake was my choice. This where I went wrong. I expected all the ingredients was there. Firstly I peel and diced the apples and then soak it with salt water. Meanwhile the apples soaking I made the crumbles. After all done it's time to make the cake and guess what? there was no egg. yes EGG, the friggin eggs! I called ummi as soon as i realize about the missing eggs. 

Ummi said she'll buy it but to wait for ummi it will take like 3 hours. So i think and think. what to do with these ready ingredients? I open the freezer hoping there to be some pastry dough, and yes! there it is, the puff pastry dough! so instead of the Apple Crumble Cake, I changed it to Fruit Jealousy. To add some flavour to it i spread some nutella spread and scoop some cookie dough ice cream. Voila!

Besides food, I love being home because of the fast internet line! yippie! KPOP, come to mama! lately I am not interested to many groups and my eyes are pinned on MBLAQ especially Jio. He is not your average korean guy. trust me. 

Being home, just being there you can be like the boss. yeah, just by lying down it makes a total difference than lying in your hard bed in the hostel. Tho I sleep on the floor, it feels softer and much comfort than anywhere else. and ofcourse the best part of being home is to be with your family. I am happy that my brother and I are studying at the same university that our holidays tend to be the same (except who finish exams first ofc).

My holidays till d-day for practical is only 7 days gap and its not funny I tell ya. So little time to spend my 'livin like a boss' moment. Oh well, that's how life goes. Gotta live with it. Hope my new practical place would be fun and exciting. Pray for my safety and well being guys!