Tuesday, February 19

Ma Dream Boys, SHINee is Back!


As promoted by SM Ent. SHINee will have their comeback on the 19th February which was yesterday. The album itself (Chapter 1 : Misconceptions of You) was described as the continuation from their previous hit track Sherlock (Clue+ Note). Their new concept is black suit and colourful. lots of floral pants i tell ya! its a very bright and up beat song to listen to. just by listening to it make me want to dance. Haha. psst! there will be a Chapter 2 : Misconception of Me, for sure I'll buy that one too! 

Onew is very lucky to be the main cover of Chapter 1 and his song in the next album Chapter 2 :D

each member starts to shine in their own way now. i mean seriously, their clothes doesnt sync at all (except for the black suit ofcourse). Onew have been in green lately. yeah all green. Haha. Key as expected the diva in the group with high fashion sence. the red jacket and green shoes just pinned my eyes. such colour blocking but looks good on him. as for Jjong, his hair and white floral pants is just eye catching. even my mom got surprised! O.O Minho as expected always look good in everything and his tux suits him best! Since I am 92 er, Taemin is considered nam dongsaeng and yes he has grown up well! His yellow long coat is the most contrast among all the costumes. way to go boy!

Onew got some cute pose in the MV. yes he is getting muscular lately but those cute expressions cover it up! Yeayy JINKI OPPA! and keep go green, it goes well with you. thos it makes you look a bit chubby. Hahah (you're tofu-ness never disappear)

p/s : Taemin's yellow coat is actually a figure of a pencil :D

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